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......@@ -5,3 +5,4 @@ graft estnltk/wordnet
graft estnltk/vabamorf/dct
graft estnltk/mw_verbs/res
graft estnltk/converters
graft estnltk/estner
......@@ -149,26 +149,6 @@ that contains an marvellous list of pre-built binaries, including the ones requi
* **html5lib (0.9999999)**
Open Visual Studio SDK terminal and type::
python3.4 -m pip build estnltk
Running the tests
After you have installed the library, you should run the unit tests::
python -m estnltk.run_tests
Note that when you built directly from cloned Estnltk repository, navigate away from it as
running the command in the same directory can cause problems.
When unit tests pass, you know you have installed all necessary dependencies of the library.
Building from source
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