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Before installation, we need to make sure all required dependencies are installed on a system.
Estnltk works with Python versions 2.7 and 3.4 on Windows and Linux.
Linux dependencies
Installation on Linux Mint 17.2
In Linux, installing dependencies is easy.
In Linux, install dependences, install estnltk and test the installation::
Linux Mint, Python 2.7::
sudo apt-get install g++ python3-dev python3-pip python3-numpy swig
sudo pip3 install estnltk
sudo apt-get install g++ python-dev python-pip python-numpy swig
As a first test, try to run this line of code in your terminal::
Linux Mint, Python 3.4::
python3 -c "import estnltk; print( estnltk.Text('Tere estnltk').lemmas )"
sudo apt-get install g++ python3-dev python3-pip python3-numpy swig
It should print::
['tere', 'estnltk']
The run the unittest suite::
Windows dependencies
python3 -m estnltk.run_tests
Install Python3.4.
This should report the number of tests run and the status. If it is "OK", then you are good to go::
Download PyCrfsuite wheel.
Download Estnltk wheel.
Ran 157 tests in 35.207s
Install them/.
Quick installation with pip
Although this is Linux Mint 17.2 specific, it should also work in Ubuntu.
After dealing with dependencies, the easiest way to install Estnltk is using the standard ``pip`` tool,
which downloads the latest Estnltk version from PyPi repository, builds it and installs it::
sudo pip install estnltk
(Optional) You might want to use Oracle JDK instead of OpenJDK, because Estnltk uses Java for some tasks.
These tutorials will help you out:: , .
Installation on Windows
However, in order the command to succeed, you need to have the necessary dependencies installed your system,
regardless of the OS you run.
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self.__symbols = []
for idx, sym in enumerate(symbols):
if idx > 0:
if idx > 0 and sep is not None:
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