Commit 65b3812b authored by Neeme Kahusk's avatar Neeme Kahusk

conversion example

parent a86e9a38
......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@
"""Converts ewn Polaris format to xml
for i in ../kb*/kb*utf8.norm ; do j=`echo $i|sed -E 's/[.][.][/]kb[0-9][0-9][/](kb[0-9][0-9][-]utf8)[.]norm/\1.xml/g'`;n=`echo $j|sed -E 's/kb([0-9][0-9])[-].*/\1/1'` ; echo $i $j $n ;~/GIT/newn/src/newn/ -n kb -v $n -l est $i $j ; done
import argparse
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