Commit 101f9507 authored by Neeme Kahusk's avatar Neeme Kahusk


parent 65b3812b
......@@ -8,10 +8,6 @@ for i in ../kb*/kb*utf8.norm ; do j=`echo $i|sed -E 's/[.][.][/]kb[0-9][0-9][/](
import argparse
import tempfile
from zipfile import ZipFile, is_zipfile
from pathlib import Path
from lxml import etree
def lex_attrs(name: str = None, version: str = None, language: str = None) -> dict:
......@@ -75,7 +71,6 @@ def main():
with open(args.infile) as f:
sisu = [parse_line(x) for x in f.readlines()]
tulem = etree.tounicode(read2xml(sisu, la), pretty_print=True)
with open(args.outfile,'w') as g:
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