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import Entu access library

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import os
import urllib.request, urllib.parse
import hashlib
import hmac
import json
import datetime
import base64
class EntuLib():
def __init__(self, entu_user_id, entu_user_key, entu_url):
self.entu_user_id = entu_user_id
self.entu_user_key = entu_user_key.encode('utf-8')
self.entu_url = entu_url
def __create_policy(self, entu_query):
conditions = []
for k,v in entu_query.items():
policy = { 'expiration': (datetime.datetime.utcnow()+datetime.timedelta(minutes=15)).strftime('%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ'), 'conditions': conditions }
policy = json.dumps(policy)
encoded_policy = base64.b64encode(policy.encode('utf-8'))
signature = base64.b64encode(, encoded_policy, hashlib.sha1).digest())
entu_query.setdefault('policy', encoded_policy.decode('utf-8'))
entu_query.setdefault('user', self.entu_user_id)
entu_query.setdefault('signature', signature.decode('utf-8'))
data = urllib.parse.urlencode(entu_query, doseq=True)
data = data.encode('utf-8')
return data
def __submit_it(self, path, method, data):
request = urllib.request.Request('%s/%s' % (self.entu_url, path), method=method)
f_get = urllib.request.urlopen(request, data)
print ('Request: %s/%s' % (self.entu_url, path))
print ('Data: %s' % data)
urllib_result ='utf-8')
if urllib_result:
return json.loads(urllib_result)
# Fetch entity by id
def get_entity(self, entity_id):
data = self.__create_policy({})
path = 'entity-%s?%s' % (entity_id, data.decode('utf-8'))
return self.__submit_it(path=path, method='GET', data=None)
# Search and fetch entities
def find_entity(self, definition, query, limit=1000000):
entu_query = {
'definition': definition,
'query': query,
'limit': limit
data = self.__create_policy(entu_query)
path = 'entity?%s' % data.decode('utf-8')
return self.__submit_it(path=path, method='GET', data=None)
# Create entity
def create_entity(self, parent_id, definition, properties={}):
entu_query = {'definition': definition}
for k,v in properties.items():
entu_query['%s-%s' % (definition, k)] = v
data = self.__create_policy(entu_query)
path = 'entity-%s' % parent_id
return self.__submit_it(path=path, method='POST', data=data)
# PUT properties to entity
def add_properties(self, entity_id, definition, properties):
entu_query = {}
for k,v in properties.items():
entu_query['%s-%s' % (definition, k)] = v
data = self.__create_policy(entu_query)
path = 'entity-%s' % entity_id
return self.__submit_it(path=path, method='PUT', data=data)
# POST file property to entity
def add_file(self, entity_id, property_definition, abspath):
if not os.path.isfile(abspath):
if os.path.getsize(abspath) == 0:
entu_query = {
'filename': os.path.basename(abspath),
'entity': entity_id,
'property': property_definition
# print (entu_query)
data = self.__create_policy(entu_query)
path = 'file?%s' % data.decode('utf-8')
datafile = open(abspath, 'rb')
return self.__submit_it(path=path, method='POST',
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