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# LRTools
Library to manage and organize tools.
Being library for tools handling multilingual content, library itself supports multiple languages - translations might be added as needed.
## Basic functions
### Install a new tool
Installing a new tool should be as simple as submitting a link to public git repository. As git is currently industry standard, it's the single supported repository type. New tool will be mirrored as a read-only project in our own git repository.
#### Requirements for tools
- Tool have to be published as open source;
- Tool have to be [clearly licensed]( or else we would be sailing in [muddy waters](;
- All tools have to adopt [Semantic Versioning](;
- Tool have to have informative file in it's root folder;
- Tool must have some kind on configuration file native to it's projects language/framework.
### Organize tools
A simple labeling system will do. Author of a tool can choose between existing labels and add new ones. As LRTools is multi-lingual, then new labels have to be translated into all currently supported languages before they become active.
### Read and publish tool's metadata
Tools could be written in different languages/frameworks, but most of them have some kind of configuration/project/metadata file with project version, name, author, etc. LRTools will add support for new frameworks/languages as needed.
### Fetch installed tools
LRTools itself is a nodejs server and has a maintenance schedule for checking repositories of installed tools. If a new commit/release is detected, it mirrors the changes to our repository, too.
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