Commit accb5d32 authored by Andreas Mueller's avatar Andreas Mueller
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allow horizontal-only word-clouds.

parent 153a0eca
......@@ -165,6 +165,9 @@ class WordCloud(object):
prefer_horizontal : float (default=0.90)
The ratio of times to try horizontal fitting as opposed to vertical.
If prefer_horizontal < 1, the algorithm will try rotating the word
if it doesn't fit. (There is currently no built-in way to get only vertical
mask : nd-array or None (default=None)
If not None, gives a binary mask on where to draw words. If mask is not
......@@ -440,7 +443,8 @@ class WordCloud(object):
# either we found a place or font-size went too small
# if we didn't find a place, make font smaller
if tried_other_orientation is False:
# but first try to rotate!
if not tried_other_orientation and self.prefer_horizontal < 1:
orientation = (Image.ROTATE_90 if orientation is None else
tried_other_orientation = True
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