Commit 9aaf5337 authored by Andreas Mueller's avatar Andreas Mueller
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add relative_scaling parameter, deprecate ransk_only

parent c5e5a390
......@@ -94,9 +94,6 @@ class WordCloud(object):
height : int (default=200)
Height of the canvas.
ranks_only : boolean (default=False)
Only use the rank of the words, not the actual counts.
prefer_horizontal : float (default=0.90)
The ratio of times to try horizontal fitting as opposed to vertical.
......@@ -133,10 +130,17 @@ class WordCloud(object):
Maximum font size for the largest word. If None, height of the image is
mode: string (default="RGB")
mode : string (default="RGB")
Transparent background will be generated when mode is "RGBA" and
background_color is None.
relative_scaling : float (default=0)
Importance of relative word frequencies for font-size.
With relative_scaling=0, only word-ranks are considered.
With relative_scaling=1, a word that is twice as frequent will have twice the size.
If you want to consider the word frequencies and not only their rank, relative_scaling
around .5 often looks good.
``words_``: list of tuples (string, float)
......@@ -157,10 +161,10 @@ class WordCloud(object):
def __init__(self, font_path=None, width=400, height=200, margin=2,
ranks_only=False, prefer_horizontal=0.9, mask=None, scale=1,
ranks_only=None, prefer_horizontal=0.9, mask=None, scale=1,
color_func=random_color_func, max_words=200, min_font_size=4,
stopwords=None, random_state=None, background_color='black',
max_font_size=None, font_step=1, mode="RGB"):
max_font_size=None, font_step=1, mode="RGB", relative_scaling=0):
if stopwords is None:
stopwords = STOPWORDS
if font_path is None:
......@@ -169,7 +173,6 @@ class WordCloud(object):
self.width = width
self.height = height
self.margin = margin
self.ranks_only = ranks_only
self.prefer_horizontal = prefer_horizontal
self.mask = mask
self.scale = scale
......@@ -186,6 +189,13 @@ class WordCloud(object):
max_font_size = height
self.max_font_size = max_font_size
self.mode = mode
if relative_scaling < 0 or relative_scaling > 1:
raise ValueError("relative_scaling needs to be between 0 and 1, got %f."
% relative_scaling)
self.relative_scaling = relative_scaling
if ranks_only is not None:
warnings.warn("ranks_only is deprecated and will be removed as"
" it had no effect. Look into relative_scaling.", DeprecationWarning)
def fit_words(self, frequencies):
"""Create a word_cloud from words and frequencies.
......@@ -266,9 +276,10 @@ class WordCloud(object):
# start drawing grey image
for word, freq in frequencies:
# alternative way to set the font size
if not self.ranks_only:
font_size = freq / float(last_freq) * font_size
# select the font size
rs = self.relative_scaling
if rs != 0:
font_size = int(round((rs * (freq / float(last_freq)) + (1 - rs)) * font_size))
while True:
# try to find a position
font = ImageFont.truetype(self.font_path, font_size)
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