Commit 2d22003b authored by Indrek Jentson's avatar Indrek Jentson
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parent daf4d59c
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
RADA=/wrapper/EstCG RADA=/wrapper/EstCG
RADAMRF=/wrapper/vabamorf/apps/cmdline/project/unix RADAMRF=/wrapper/vabamorf/apps/cmdline/project/unix
RADADCT=/wrapper/vabamorf/dct/binary/ RADADCT=/wrapper/vabamorf/dct/binary
cat $1 | $RADA/ | $RADAMRF/etana analyze -lex $RADADCT/et.dct -guess | sed -e "s/[\]n/\n/g"| $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/ cat $1 | $RADA/ | $RADAMRF/etana analyze -lex $RADADCT/et.dct -guess | sed -e "s/[\]n/\n/g"| $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/ | $RADA/
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