Commit 5960a970 authored by nostneji's avatar nostneji Committed by GitHub
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Parandasin pathi

parent fcf565e9
......@@ -5,15 +5,15 @@ git pull
npm install
if [ ! -f /config/config.js ]; then
cp -R -u -p ./src/config_dist.js /config/config.js
cp -R -u -p ./config_dist.js /config/config.js
if [ -f /config/config.js ]; then
cp /config/config.js ./src/config.js
cp /config/config.js ./config.js
if [ ! -f ./src/config.js ]; then
cp -R -u -p ./src/config_dist.js ./src/config.js
if [ ! -f ./config.js ]; then
cp -R -u -p ./config_dist.js ./config.js
forever start -l /wrapper/logs/forever.log ./app.js
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